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I have recently come back from a trip around Central/Eastern Europe with the family. In preparation for the trip I did something I hadn’t done before… I purchased a roaming data package for my iPhone for the time my family and I were going to be away. I thought that this might be a good idea, but I didn’t realise how true this was going to be.

Crossing from Germany into the Czech Republic and heading to Prague, I thought I might just check out what the currency exchange rate of the Koruna on my XE App. Lucky I did. I realised that on the way from the boarder to Prague, the exchange rate was becoming less at the roadside booths. I pulled over quickly into a service centre, which appeared acceptable, and exchanged some Euros to Korunas for a very good price.

When I got to Prague I felt lost. I quickly opened up the Maps App and placed a marker at the hotel and went for a walk. I made sure I kept to the main roads, until I came across a Metro stop. Here I used the Metro Prague App on my iPhone to check the train times. I caught a train five minutes later that was able to get me to the city centre quickly (and I knew that I needed to get off in three stops because I could count the stations on my iPhone Map App).

In getting off the train and heading to the town square, I came across one of those city bus tours, which we planned to do. It had a sign that I couldn’t read. This perplexed me as I waited for the family to exit the WCs. I just couldn’t work out this brain bender. So I browsed the apps store and purchased an app called Word Lens. Here is a sample of what it did for me.

We ended up catching the next city bus tour, because the sign said it was the last extended bus trip for that day before the night ones began. The small print read that the night rides were more expensive and reserved for international tourists.

This was day one of our trip. It went on much the same the for the rest of the fourteen days. The apps and the data package for the entire trip paid for themselves on day one.

Life Long Learning just took meaning.

A panoramic picture I took on my iPhone using the Pano App at Neuschwanstein Castle in Fuessen Bavaria.

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